Our mission is simple

eCademy aims to be the leader of the online education revolution. eCademy recognizes the ever-changing skills needed by young professionals to keep pace with the changing world. With the future hinged on Business, Finance, Engineering, Life and FutureTech, eCademy brings this knowledge to you at your convenience, at a distance of just a few clicks, through short courses. The mission is to give young professionals the future skills they need and create employ ability and entrepreneurship skills. 

Enable millions of Pakistanis to learn

Our vision is to connect millions of Pakistanis to the best Pakistani teachers around the globe, transcending physical and national boundaries. We are a Pakistani platform here to support students to quench their thirst for knowledge.

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It’s a great way to harness your knowledge to earn money, develop your reputation and give back to the community


The most interactive LMS

Our teachers have expert knowledge and experience that has made them successful. By making use of eCademy’s state of the art LMS and optimized learning platform, they can share their recipes of success, knowledge, professionalism and much more to guide students towards developing their skillset and improving their livelihood.”


Provides teachers and students uninterrupted access to their material wherever and whenever they need it, increasing engagement, training results and completion rates. Supplemented with our discussion forums and social network these learnings are reinforced, retained and discussed to develop new ideas.


For the first time in Pakistan, blockchain based course certificates are available on a decentralized platform which is verified by the world. Blockchain is transparent, incorruptible & robust, providing integrity and authenticity to the whole process.


Our platform is integrated to provide access through any and all screens, optimizing the user experience. Our teachers and students can access their content through Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile. The platform is able to adapt and deliver flexible content through both web and mobile app.


eCademy offers the first ever Learning Management System (LMS) in Pakistan embedded with artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to gauge the attentiveness of the students through their built-in device cameras. At the end of every session, AI will generate a report for the student attention evaluation.”

Online Course Categories

There would be two distinct categories of courses offered under the ambient of eCademy.

Create Knowledge

In-house courses developed by our Master Instructors, keeping in view the ever-changing world industry and the ever-changing skill and knowledge requirements to stay toe to toe with the employment, entrepreneurship and freelancing opportunities.

Share Knowledge

Courses offered by individuals who want to share their knowledge, give back to society and earn at the same time to broaden the horizon of students









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Pakistanis around the world have proven themselves in their respective fields.

Pakistanis have proven their might and expertise in all fields, be it Medicine, Technology, Business or Finance. Even the geographical landscape has not been able to stop Pakistanis from becoming shining stars in every part of the world like the US, Europe, Australia or Middle East. The opportunity is ripe to reverse this brain drain, and to learn from these shining stars.

Learning for O & A Level students on eCademy

Around 250,000 students appear in the Cambridge International Examination (CIE), commonly known as O & A levels exam, through British council in Pakistan alone. Some of these students appear through schools while the rest choose to appear privately by registering directly with British Council.


State of the Art LMS

  • A constantly updated Learning Management System
  • An in-depth course builder
  • An intuitive course progression system for students