In the day and age of technology, to make distance and Time-Zones an excuse not to learn from these professionals around the world would be a travesty of justice.

Brain drain happens when these highly skilled professionals are recognized and incentivized by other nations to come work for them. However, we have carried out the long and hard exercise of more than one year identifying, contacting and persuading the best of the best in their field to give back to the country. These professionals don’t have the luxury of time to travel to Pakistan and teach, however, they are willing to spare a few hours every week, to develop courses on the most advanced LMS to date, embedded with AI to serve the nation and develop the next generation.

It is pertinent to notice here that, the motivation for these highly skilled professionals is not to create a source of passive income, but its their humility and love for the country that they want to share their secrets with the upcoming generation.

eCademy will create its original content under the ambient of “creating knowledge”  while independent courses would be offered by these professionals under the ambient of “share knowledge”