A lot of these students need coaching even outside of school, for which they seek the best teachers of the respective subjects. However, not all the best teachers are in one vicinity and in most cases not even within one city, leading to hindrances in access to quality coaching. For example, the best teacher for Islamic Studies might be in Islamabad, and the student who requires coaching the most, in Lahore. It is physically impossible for them to interact on daily basis. But by using the most advanced, AI embedded and highly interactive LMS system of eCademy this distance can become virtually nonexistent.

By bringing students and teachers from across Pakistan on its platform, eCademy aims to address this challenge. Using recorded videos, notes and interactive sessions, would provide students with ample opportunities to learn and digest new ideas, from the comfort of their home, no matter which part of the country they live in. This exercise will lead to better learning, better grades and better opportunities in future for the students.