Video Editing

  • This course focuses on typography, the creative process, the importance of brain storming and how to discuss and critique design in a professional setting.

    What You Will Learn In this Course:


    Ø  Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2019 (CS1.5, CS2, CS5, CS6)

    Ø  How to Start a New Project?

    Ø  Introduction of Premiere Pro (All Bars).

    Ø  Importing Video to Premiere and Audio/Video Assurance.

    Ø  Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Adobe Premiere.

    Ø  Managing Audio Level and Audio Gain.

    Ø  Manage Video Frame

    Ø  Basic Editing

    Ø  How to Export/Render

    Ø  How to Compress Large Sized Video.

    Ø  Complete Editing Package including Audio, Video and Background Music.

    Ø  How to make Montage (the technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole)

    Ø  How to make Loop. (Looping a video is allowing the video to play in a repeat mode without skipping to the next.)

    Ø  How to create Audio and Video Transitions Effect.

    Ø  How to Make a Video Effect.

    Ø  Converting Still pictures to moving video using MOTION.

    Ø  How to create a new sequence and timeline.

    Ø  How to add text anywhere in premiere project.

    Ø  Face hide/blur

    Ø  How to insert Logo.

    Ø  Introduction to Chroma Editing

    Ø  How to work in a Chroma (Green Screen) Video file and background changing.

    Ø  How to set audio problems.

    Ø  Audio/Video Synchronization.

    Ø  How to manage two camera recording and managing windows.

    Ø  How to transfer In-page Urdu Text into Photoshop and Premiere.


    What Makes This Course Special:

    Our Video Editing course features hands-on training on popular video editing software. This course will help the student acquire skills that are hallmark of professional video editor. In this hands-on specialization, they will also explore basic graphic design elements, color theory, images, publication design and techniques for creating effective layouts.



    Requirements for this Course:

    Basic Editing and Computer Knowledge.

    • Module 1
    • Module 2
    • Module 3
    • Module 4
    • Module 5
    • Module 6
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Rs. 5999 Rs. 15000

This Course Includes

6 Hours
30 Lectures
4 Students
6 Sections