Taxation Management of Pakistan

A Comprehensive course to learn the Management of Taxes for their Businesses and StartUps.


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  • This practical course will lead to employment in accounting, taxation, law and chartered accountancy firms. This course will put you on a journey to becoming a taxation professional .This is your starting point to becoming a tax consultant in Pakistan, one of the fastest growing fields in the coming years. Finally, this course is also a valuable guide for those who want to learn about managing taxes for their own businesses and startups. No prior technical experience is required.

    7 hours of recorded videos.

    What you will learn in this course

    • Different types of taxes and their definitions
    • Implications of various taxes
    • Relation between fiscal policy and tax control
    • How tax authorities work
    • Importance of taxes for state affairs
    • History of taxation laws and systems
    • Pakistan’s history of income tax acts and income tax ordinances
    • Process for tax registration
    • Imperative definitions and terminology in the context of salaried person
    • Calculating total income
    • Calculating taxable income
    • Computing income tax
    • Tax liability computation
    • Learn about procedures of deduction of withholding tax
    • Learn about different types of withholding agents
    • Learn about E-Filing Portal
    • Practical cases and internship with tax consultants

     Requirements for this Course

    • This course is designed for a novice to an intermediate.
    • Basic understanding of English and Urdu.
    • An Internet connection.
    • An interest in tax law of Pakistan.

    What makes this course special?

    This course comprises of practical and numerical concepts of tax laws prevailing in Pakistan. In this course, you will learn the heads of income, statutory definitions, exemptions and income tax returns for salaried and business individuals etc. This course will help you in understanding the tax laws and will enable you to understand the practical implications of these tax laws. You will also develop vivid perception and interpretation skills regarding tax structure and tax laws in Pakistan. The students will be able to make effective taxation management strategies. This course aims to help you successfully file taxes with the FBR at an individual/sole proprietorship level. In addition it will also be relevant to directors in corporations and to partners in Association of Persons (AOPs). In addition, we will also teach you how to handle all FBR tax filing portal. Finally, you will have complete information on how to register/get an NTN for both salaried individual and business individual.

    Who is this course for?

    1. Anyone who wants to earn money by becoming a tax consultant.
    2. Anyone who wants to work in a chartered accounting firm.
    3. Anyone who wants to start their own tax consultancy firm.
    4. Anyone who wants to manage taxes and tax filing for their company.
    • 1. Introduction to Taxation
    • 2. Tax Registeration
    • 3. Income from Salaried Persons
    • 4. Income from Property
    • 5. Income from Business
    • 6. Income from Capital Gains
    • 7. Income from Other Sources
    • 8. Deductible Allowances
    • 9. Tax Reductions and Credits
    • 10. With Holding Taxes
    • 11. Wealth Statement
    • 12. Submission of Income Tax
    • 13.Tax Asaan App
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This Course Includes

7 hours Hours
158 Lectures
226 Students
13 Sections