SAP Business One 9.1: Functional and End User Training

This course will make you ready to work in SAP Implemented Small and Medium Sized Entities.


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  • This course is deigned to make you a functional user of SAP Business One 9.1. This will allow you to work as an end user in any department of SAP Implemented Small and Medium Sized Entity. This presents several opportunities for you to work in almost any industry.

    What You Will Learn in this Course:

    • Setting Up necessary configuration for all modules.
    • System initialization settings and posting period settings.
    • Learn the General Ledger account determination settings.
    • Learn the Functions required to maintain general ledger, such as Chart of Accounts, Account segmentation, Account levels, Control accounts, Cash Accounts and Clearing Accounts.
    • Dealing with journal entries, journal vouchers, recurring postings, reverse transactions.
    • Handling multiple currencies and foreign business partners.
    • Dealing with entire purchase and payables business process.
    • Preparing documents such as purchase request, purchase quotation, purchase order, goods receipt, purchase invoice, credit memos, reserve invoice, cash purchase and discounts.
    • Dealing with entire sales and receivables business process.
    • Preparing documents such as sales quotation, sales order, delivery note, sales invoice.
    • Dealing with returns and credit memos, reserve invoice, sale receipts and down payments.
    • Maintaining all the master information of customers, suppliers and leads.
    • Handling party subsidiary ledgers and business partner default configurations.

    Requirements for this Course.

    ·         Knowledge of Some Accounting Softwares like QuickBooks.

    ·         Passion for working with SAP.

    ·         A stable Internet connection.



    SAP Business One 9.1 is a course designed for individuals who want to learn and understand the functions and then enhance their expertise of the system to a professional level. Whether you are looking for a job in ERP Market, this course will be your comprehensive guide in reaching proficiency in SAP Business One.

    What Makes This Course Special:

    Mostly, SAP based courses offer you information on how to perform functions in few and specific modules, our course is designed to train you the functions and technical knowledge of all modules. With the help of this course, you will get hands on experience, which will make able to work in any department of an ERP SAP Small and Medium Sized Entities. This course will also provide you knowledge about SQL Server Management with common Database Concept. Jobs such as accounts management, database management, administration, warehouse management, production process and HR Management are all covered in this course in the most comprehensive and practical way possible.

    Who is this course for:

    1. Anyone who wants to get a good office job using SAP Business One 9.1
    2. Anyone who wants to learn Database management by SQL.
    3. Anyone who wants to apply their Business knowledge for business running.
    • 1. Administration
    • 2. Financials
    • 3. Business Partners
    • 4. Inventory
    • 5. Purchase
    • 6. Sales
    • 7. Production
    • 8. Banking
    • 9. Human Rescource Mangement
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Rs. 7999 Rs. 21000

This Course Includes

13 Hours
40 Lectures
123 Students
9 Sections