Project Management


    What You Will Learn In this Course:

    -  What is a Project?

    -  Project Management and Its Importance?

    -  Project Management vs Operation Management

    -  Project Management Knowledge Components

    -  Enterprise Environmental Factors

    -  Organizational Process Assets

    -  Organizational Structure

    -  Project Management Office

    - The Roles of the Project Manager

    -  Project Manager's Sphere of Influence

    -  Project Manager's Competences

    -  The Talent Triangle

    -  Develop Project Charter

    - Develop Project Management Plan

    - Direct and Manager Project Work

     - Manage Project Knowledge

     - Monitor and Control Project Work

    -  Perform Integrated Change Control

    -  Close Project or Phase

    -  Plan Scope Management

    -  Collect Requirements

    -  Define Scope

    -  Create Work Breakdown Structure

    -  Validate Scope

    -  Control Scope

    - Plan Schedule Management

    - Define Activities

    - Sequence Activities

    - Estimate Activity Duration

    - Develop Schedule

    - Control Scope

    - Plan Cost Management

    - Estimate Cost

    - Determine Budget

    - Control Cost

    - Plan Quality Management

    - Manage Quality

    - Control Quality

    - Plan Resource Management

    - Estimate Activity Resources

    - Acquire Resources

    - Develop Team

    - Manage Team

    - Control Resources

    - Plan Communication Management

    - Manage Communication

    - Monitoring Communication

    - Plan Risk Management

    - Identify Risks

    - Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

    - Plan Risk Response

    - Implement Risk Response

    - Monitor Risks

    - Plan Procurement Management

    - Conduct Procurement

    - Control Procurement

    - Identify Stakeholders

    - Plan Stakeholder Management

    - Manage Stakeholder Management

    - Monitor Stakeholder Management

    - Initiation Processes

    - Planning Processes

    - Executing Processes

    - Monitoring & Control Processes

    - Closing Processes

    - Introduction to Interface

    - Enterprise Project Structure & Creating Project

    - Organization & Work Breakdown Structures

    - Adding Activities and Sequencing

    - Adding and Assigning Resources

    - Project Scheduling

    - Layout Settings & Printing




    What Makes This Course Special:

    Project management is an essential knowledge and art for any goal-oriented organization.  It needs to be learned and mastered to achieve the projectized objective and deliver the results within approved time, budget and the scope. Project management course is vital to ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge when it comes to managing a project. This course can help you become a better project manager as you will have better sense of your time and resources. Project Management Institute (PMI) United States, in this regard, has defined and enlisted extensively the processes required to complete a project successfully. Therefore, this course has been based on the knowledge learnt through Project Management Body of Knowledge, offered by PMI. This course however is a practice course for project management practitioner who wish to excel in this field or who are accidental project managers but want to have proper knowledge. Likewise, this course is equally beneficial for those who wish to proceed further towards earning Project Management Professional Certification from PMI.



    All you need is basic work experience and understanding of projects, rest we will master you.


    • Module 1
    • Module 2 : Environment of Projects
    • Module 3 : Role of Project Manager
    • Module 4: Project Integration Management
    • Module 5: Project Time Management
    • Module 6: Plan Scope Management
    • Module 7: Product Cost Management
    • Module 8 : Project Quality Management
    • Module 9 : Project Resource Management
    • Module 10 : Project Communication Management
    • Module 11 : Project Risk Management
    • Module 12 : Project Procurement Management
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This Course Includes

19 Hours
64 Lectures
0 Students
12 Sections