MS Excel Business Modeling: Managing Businesses through Excel

A comprehensive course making Microsoft Excel a prominent part of your business skillset


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  • This course aims to teach you how to use prominent excel features for business management purposes. You will be able to administer your own business operations more efficiently as well as gain the skillset necessary to work as an excel freelancer for other companies and businesses.

    6 hours of recorded videos.

    What you will learn in this course

    • MS-EXCEL spreadsheet usage
    • Using the toolbar and different tabs
    • Complete formatting and editing mastery
    • Using Excel for business segments and business purposes
    • How to apply excel function in business reporting and analysis context
    • Learn how to apply arithmetic formulas and calculations
    • Learn about cell referencing and applying conditional formulas
    • Learn about creating new rules and conditions
    • Learn how to create tables and use filters
    • Learn how to format tables and link data
    • Learn how to review and remove conflicting or duplicated data
    • Learn various shortcuts from basic functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste special to advanced shortcuts such as data manipulation
    • Formatting cells for currencies, dates, text functions
    • Learn how to draw and edit charts and graphs
    • Learn how to edit and infer from pie charts, bar graphs, histograms etc.
    • Learn how to create pivot tables and manipulate shown data
    • Learning about Slicers, Timelines, Report Connections, Group Selection, Calculated Fields
    • Learn about using Look Up and Reference Functions
    • Learn how to conduct Forecasts and apply "What-If Analysis"
    • Learn about Goal Seek
    • Learn on drawing 2D and 3D data tables
    • Learn how to use scenario manager functions
    • Learn about using forecasting functions
    • Learn about working with Macros
    • Learn the concepts for relative and absolute Macros
    • Learn about using the developer options such as Form Controls and ActiveX Controls
    • Learn about writing basic commands
    • Learn how to manage large data series
    • Practical Application with Examples

    Requirements for this course

    • Basic computer knowledge
    • Basic understanding of English and Urdu
    • Basic mathematics
    • Passion for working in a business


    Spanning 6 hours of recorded footage with, Microsoft Excel Business Modeling is a course designed for individuals who want to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and then enhance their expertise of the software to a professional level. Whether you want to manage your own business or are looking for a job as business oriented Excel expert, this course will be your comprehensive guide in reaching true MS Excel business modeling proficiency.

    What makes this course special?

    While most excel based courses offer you information on how to perform excel based functions, our course is specifically designed to teach these functions as well as their applications in real business usage. With the help of this course, you will be able to work as an administrator for your own business or attain a job at a company. MS Excel Business Modeling is also relevant in the freelance world where you can offer your excel expertise for freelance tasks and projects and earn online. Jobs such as accounts management, database management, data forecasting and analysis are all covered in this course in the most comprehensive and practical way possible.

    Who is this course for?

    1. Anyone that wants to work as a freelancer
    2. Anyone that wants to work as an administrator
    3. Anyone that wants to earn as an accounts manager
    4. Anyone who wants to earn in a data entry job
    • 1. Introduction and Basics of Excel
    • 2. Marks Sheet
    • 3. Invoice Formation
    • 4. Salesmen Report
    • 5. Area Wise Product Analysis
    • 6. Variance Analysis
    • 7. Customer Database Management
    • 8. Budgeting & Forecasting
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This Course Includes

6 Hours
40 Lectures
204 Students
8 Sections