Mastering Stock Markets With MirMaK

The Only Course In The World Taught By An Ex-Wall Street Investment Bank Founder/CEO


Mir Mohammad Alikhan is an internationally renowned Inv

  • Everything you need to know about the capital markets to become a successful investor, investment banker, capital markets professional. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. .

    10 hours of classes, 2 downloadable books. Multiple Choice Questions. Discussion Forum for all the students to interact with each other.

    What You Will Learn In This Course

    • A to Z of stock markets.
    • Trading and investing secrets.
    • Mental discipline tricks that make you better than others in the markets.
    • Understand every aspect of Pakistani stock market.
    • Start trading or investing in the market immediately.
    • Learn how PSX works.
    • Get answers to most frequently asked questions about the stock markets and investments.
    • Learn how to identify and evaluate a company and its growth cycle.
    • Learn potential accounting red flags
    • Learn fundamental analysis (in-depth) of a company.
    • Learn to analyze financial statements using ratio analysis and common size analysis
    • Learn Activity Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios and Financial Ratios
    • Learn about how to choose a broker
    • Learn how to read a research report about any company
    • Learn to protect yourself against frauds & manipulation
    • Learn about your rights as an investor
    • Learn about money management
    • Learn about the roles of regulators.
    • Learn to identify and choose a stock that has a potential of giving you the highest returns.
    • Learn the secrets of becoming a successful trader/investor or an investment banker
    • Learn how Wall Street works compared to Pakistani markets
    • Plus much more.
    • And learn about the most important factor not taught in any Stock Market course around the world, which is, mental discipline techniques to become successful and become a profitable investor.
    • Also get periodic research reports from top brokerage houses around the country for free.
    • Learn how to identify fake news and rumours in the market
    • Learn to take advantage of political and economic situations and how to evaluate them
    • Learn the key macro and micro economic points that effect the stock prices
    • Learn when to buy and when to sell a stock

    Requirements For This Course

    • This course is designed for a novice to an intermediate
    • Basic understanding of English and Urdu
    • An Internet connection
    • Experience in Stock Markets is helpful but not necessary.
    • A willingness to learn the stock market from one of the best Wall Street experienced investment banker and to apply the techniques to profit for yourself.


    Mastering Stock Market With MirMak is a comprehensive course based on 30 years of international capital markets and Wall Street experience. This course based on 10 hours of recordings, plus 2 accompanying books will teach you everything that you need to know about capital markets and the financial world. For anyone who wants to enter the profession of finance, investment banking, capital markets or wants to become an astute and successful investor, then this course is a must for you. How the Pakistani and international stock markets work, what are the tricks that make Wall Street traders, investors and investment bankers successful, why some make money in the markets and others lose money, what to avoid, how to learn mental discipline, tricks and secrets of stock markets that you will not learn anywhere because no Wall Street CEO of an investment bank has ever taught a course in the world revealing the secrets of how to be a successful stock market investor.

    What Makes This Course Special ?

    1. MirMak makes it easy for you to learn. He makes it a fun activity to learn the stock markets. There are hundreds of courses with thousands of dollars in fees being taught by people who have never been on the top of Wall Street as a CEO/Founder of an investment bank, they can not possibly have an understanding of how capital markets work and its secrets as much as a person who has established an investment bank on Wall Street at the age of 29 years.
      Even if you are completely new to the capital markets or have been around for years, you will find this course to be beneficial in becoming an expert in the markets. No university, college or any other institution can teach you in 10 hours of recordings what a professionally experienced, MirMak can teach you.

    Who Is This Course For

    1. Anyone who wants to learn how to make money in the stock markets
    2. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in capital markets or investment banking
    3. Anyone who has experience but wants to enhance their knowledge and learn the secrets and techniques of successful investors

    Course Price Comparisons

    Companies Prices  
    Investors Underground $1,797 PKR - 282,129
    Warrior Trading $4,299 PKR - 674,943
    Trade Ideas $2,268 PKR - 356,076
    Online Trading Academy Dubai (XLT - Stock Trading) $9,350 PKR - 1,467,950
    Bulls on WallStreet $799 PKR - 125,443
    eCademy $114 PKR-18000
    • Module 1: Capital Markets of Pakistan
    • Module 2: Capital Markets of Pakistan
    • Module 3: Inside View of Stock Market
    • Module:4 Investment Products
    • Module 5: Brokerage House
    • Module 6: Stock Trading & Execution
    • Module 7: Sensible Investing
    • Module 8 : Market Manipulation & Importance of Mental Discipline
    • Module 9: Fundamental Analysis
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Rs. 6999 Rs. 18000

This Course Includes

10 Hours
51 Lectures
527 Students
9 Sections