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  • This course is developed specifically to guide you in the freelancing world. In this course, we teach you everything you need to know to kick start your freelancing career and start earning from home by working online.

    What you will learn in this course

    ·    Basic Introduction to Freelancing

    ·    The Freelancing Mindset

    ·    Freelancing as a Career

    ·    Learn how Payments Work

    ·    Learn how to deal with International Clients

    ·    Learn how to find the best projects

    ·    Learn how to win jobs

    ·    Learn how to match your skill to your freelancing career

    ·    Learn how to work on

    ·    Learn how to create a profile on Upwork

    ·    Learn how to check the credibility of Upwork clients

    ·    Learn how to get connects on Upwork

    ·    Learn how to get paid on paid on Upwork

    ·    Learn how to work on

    ·    Learn how to create a Fiverr profile

    ·    Learn how to create a winning Gig

    ·    Learn how to write and manage your Gigs

    ·    Learn how to get paid on Fiverr

    ·    Learn how to work on

    ·    Learn how to set up  Freelancer Profile

    ·    Learn how to protect yourself from fake clients/projects

    ·    Learn how to conduct freelance on Facebook

    ·    Learn how to conduct freelance on LinkedIn

    Requirements for this Course

    ·         This course is designed for complete beginners

    ·         Basic understanding of using a computer

    ·         An Internet connection

    ·         A desire for flexible working hours


    Freelancing is the latest career trend that has been taken up by several individuals across the globe as a means to earn from home according to their own work schedule. This course offers everything you need to know on making use of freelancing sites to start earning. In addition, we teach you how to deal with international clients, manage projects and tasks and develop a complete freelancer mindset. After completing this course, you will be able to monetize almost any skill as a freelancer and work as your own boss.

    What makes this course special?

    What sets this course apart is that it not only gives you the steps you need to take in order to set up your freelancing profile, but also teaches you the practical approach for establishing yourself as a freelancer. This course will teach you how to develop time management skills, how to manage different projects and how to deal with online clients. The course covers various common freelancing skills such as graphic designing, digital marketing, video editing etc. as well as nonconventional skills and establishes how to develop a profitable freelance career out of those skills.

    Who is this course for?

    ·                 Anyone who wants to earn money online

    ·                 Anyone who wants to work from home

    ·                Anyone who wants to sell their skill online

    ·                Anyone who wants to be their own boss

    • Module 1: Introduction to Freelancing
    • Module 2: Working with
    • Module 3: Working with Fiverr
    • Module 4: Working with
    • Module 5: Working with
    • Module 6: Working with
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This Course Includes

9 Hours
46 Lectures
139 Students
6 Sections