HR for Non HR


Asim Riaz is a successful businessman.

  • What You Will Learn In This Course


    ·         Aligning HRM and Organizational Strategy

    ·         Human resource Value Creation/ Planning

    ·         Job Design & Requirements

    ·         Types of Job Offerings

    ·         The Importance of Job Specifications, Job Descriptions, and Position Descriptions

    ·         Development of effective Job Descriptions

    ·         Human Resource Talent Hunt

    ·         The Hiring Process: How Human Resource Managers Recruit and Hire Employees

    ·         Shortlisting’s & Offerings

    ·         Engagement Methods

    ·         Career Management and Development

    ·         Human Capital Analysis & Development

    ·         Assessing Training Needs of any Position

    ·         Types of Employee Training Programs

    ·         New Hire Orientation: Importance of Training Design & Content

    ·         Methods for Training Employees: Mentoring, On-The-Job & Job Rotation

    ·         Career Management and Succession Planning

    ·         Coaching – Counseling – Mentoring

    ·         Understanding KPI’s & KSA’s

    ·         Performance Appraisals Methods & Protocols

    ·         Types of Performance Appraisal: Trait, Behavioral & Results

    ·         Performance Appraisal and 360 Feedback

    ·         Employee Compensation Values

    ·         Direct, Indirect & Non-Financial Compensation Strategies

    ·         Common Compensation Systems: Salary, Hourly, Contractor, Pay-For-Performance

    ·         Incentive Compensation Plans

    ·         Organizational Incentive Programs

    ·         HR Policy and Procedure Manual

    ·         HR Budgeting

    ·         Human Resource Information System

    ·         HR Analytics

    What Makes this Course This Special?


     In this course we will target those people who are working as managers, supervisors and executives in all departments of an organization other than HR. If you are working in a position which is indirectly related to the HR department, then this course is the best for you. In this course, we will talk about some tools, techniques and operations which will be helpful for you to learn to deal with the HR department as a non HR executive. We will relate the concept of HR to your domain of working.


     This course will teach you all that and more. This will be a course that will refine your thought process, teach you skills, better your communication and make for a more fruitful career path.



    Who Is This Course For?

    ·         Business owners, Sales Team, Employees, Employers and Entrepreneurs.

    ·         Those looking to get great prices both buying and selling.

    ·         People wanting to improve their skills while working in an organization.

    ·         Both beginners and experts - this course has lots of little-known techniques included.

    ·         Anyone wanting to benefit in their personal and professional life.

    • 1. HR as a Business Partner
    • 2. Engaging Human Capital, Recruitment and Selection
    • 3. Human Capital Development and Growth
    • 4. Performance Appraisal and Management
    • 5. Compensation and Benefit Strategies
    • 6. HR Controls and Benefits Strategies
    • 7. Organizational Change and it's Management
    • 8. Developing Analytical and Decision Making Skills
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Rs. 3999 Rs. 7999

This Course Includes

7 Hours
66 Lectures
7 Students
8 Sections