How to Get a Dream Job


Asim Riaz is a successful businessman.

  • Learn the secrets of getting a dream job. What are the factors that make you different from other candidates for an Interview?

    Taught by the successful businessman Asim Riaz.

    The only course you will ever need to get your dream job successfully. Time proven techniques taught.


    What You Will Learn In This Course:

    ·         What are Mandatory things in a Resume?

    ·         What are Recommended Things in a Resume?

    ·         What are Optional things in a Resume?

    ·         What Should NOT Be Included In A Resume?

    ·         Get The Resume Read by Other People

    ·         No Certified Way To Write a Resume

    ·         Powerful Statements Starting With Verbs

    ·         Reverse Chronological Order

    ·         Don’t Lie in a Resume (If You Don’t Have a Particular Skill Don’t Write It)

    ·         Do Read the Job Requirements Clearly and Match Your Resume Accordingly

    ·         How to Handle Conflicts In An Interview ?

    ·         How to Describe Yourself In An Interview ?

    ·         Post Follow Up In An Interview ?

    ·         Can/ Should We Ask Any Question During An Interview ?

    ·         What Questions Should We Ask During An Interview ?

    ·         How to Stay Connected With The Interviewer / Organization

    ·         How to Analyze The Culture Of The Organization ?

    ·         How to Observe Things During An Interview ?

    ·         Role of Social Media In An Interview 

    ·         How to Dress For An Interview ?

    ·         How to Go/ Walk/ Sit In An Interview ?

    ·        Difference Between a Resume & a CV

    ·         How to Prepare/ Research For An Interview ?

    ·         What Should Your Body Language Be In An Interview?

    ·         How to Answer Questions In An Interview ?

    ·         What Should Be The Tone / Language Of Your Answer ?

    ·         What Should Be Your Pitch Of Speech During An Interview ?

    Requirements for This Course.

    ·        A will and desire to get your dream job.

    ·        A stable and fast speed internet connection.

    ·        A good educational qualification in any scope.


    What Makes This Course Special?

    This course will teach you things that most courses do not. The instructor developed this course after studying and conducting interviews of thousands of candidates in 25 years of experience. All the loopholes and mistakes during the process of getting your job have been rectified in this course.

    This course will teach you all that and more. This will be a course that will refine your thought process of getting the job, building your character as a successful candidate, teaching you skills and showing you how to rightly make your decisions before and after the interview and much more.


    Who Is This Course For?

    ·        Anyone who is finding a Job

    ·        Anyone who want to get his first Job as a fresher graduate

    ·        Anyone who wants to grow in their career by moving on to a better job.

    ·        Anyone who wants to accomplish their career goals.

    ·        Anyone who wants to study life management skills.

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Rs. 3999 Rs. 7999

This Course Includes

2.5 Hours
10 Lectures
7 Students
3 Sections