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Mir Mohammad Alikhan is an internationally renowned Investme

  • My Dear Students:


    First of all, thank you for supporting ECademy and it’s initiative of bringing the highest quality of courses at the most affordable prices to the people of Pakistan. 


    This is a dream venture rather than a business. Where a Mazdoor’s son and daughter can educate themselves as much as the most wealthy Pakistanis.


    I have moved my entire family to Lahore to make this project a success so I can be here full time and work with my team on a daily basis. Earlier I was travelling from Karachi every month to Lahore.


    We have forged an affiliation with Lahore Garrison University, all our courses will be certified through them so they serve a valuable purpose on your Resume when you go for a job interview. We have launched eCademy in the remotest of areas of Pakistan from Buchal Khurd to Balochistan where we are teaching the poorest kids through a blended model on online and offline methodology. We will take this initiative all across Pakistan with your prayers.


    Now about Entrepreneurship.


    In 32 years of my business life I have learned one thing. Entrepreneurship cannot be taught. What can be taught are the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a journey and you will have your own where you will have unique experience. What can be taught is that how you handle those experiences and become successful. 


    It was my desire to create thousands of entrepreneurs in Pakistan. We have so much talent and we are not guiding them. This course is a small step in that direction from myself and Professor Attique. 


    This course will be an ongoing course I will continue to add more videos from time to time. More articles. More business tips. I will also hold an online session every 2 months through eCademy platform for the first year. So all of you can interact with me and Attique sahib, when possible, and I can guide your further. 


    There will be some interviews added if the business people whom I think are successful and are willing to help the students. I will also interview some common roadside businessmen and shopkeepers because I find them to me a source of positivity in entrepreneurship. Due to #Covid-19 these video interviews have been delayed but will be added as soon as this pandemic is over. 


    Please enjoy the course and please give your feedback. 


    I will always be here to guide you and learn from your suggestion. 


    Pakistan Zindabad 


    Mir Mohammad Alikhan


    Learn the secrets of entrepreneurship especially for Pakistan. What are the factors that make Pakistani Entrepreneurship landscape different than the world. Taught by Mir Mohammad Alikhan & Professor Attique Ahmed. .

    60 years of combined successful experience

    The only course you will ever need to start your own business or expand it successfully. Time proven techniques taught.

    It contains 10 hours of recorded videos. Multiple Choice Questions. Discussion forum for all students to interact with each other.

    What You Will Learn In This Course

    • What it means to be an Entrepreneur?
    • Entrepreneurship and spirituality.
    • Motivations and ambitions of Entrepreneur.
    • How to be an effective Entrepreneur?
    • What is the value of Entrepreneurship?
    • How to work on business Idea?
    • Developing character and mindset of Entrepreneur
    • How to make your writing marketable and sellable.
    • Generating and expanding your business Idea.
    • Leadership and risk management.
    • Role of social media in today’s business.
    • How to do market research and SWOT Analysis.
    • Meeting and dressing Manners of Professionals.
    • Pricing of your products and services.
    • Finding out what customer is ready to pay.
    • How to raise funds for your startup?
    • Who are Angel Investor
    • What is Crowd Funding and Venture Capital?
    • Key characteristics of an Entrepreneur.
    • How to take actions under risks and uncertainty.
    • How to deal with global economical effects on your business.
    • Different types of business ownerships.
    • Idea Vs opportunities.
    • Risk management.
    • Team building and hiring.
    • Important components of a marketing plan.
    • Meeting & dressing etiquettes.
    • Lean management of your company.
    • What is a MVP?
    • How to concentrate on solving a problem.

    Requirements for This Course

    • A will and desire to become a successful Entrepreneur.
    • A stable and fast speed internet connection.
    • Basic knowledge of business and finance

    What Makes This Course Special?

    This course will teach you things that most courses do not. Entrepreneurship is not a western idea. We have been doing business in this region for centuries. Successfully. Then all of a sudden our youth were lead to believe that Western business ideas can be completely imposed onto Pakistan business environment. No. It cannot be imposed 100%. We need to take the best entrepreneurship practices of the world and not just the west and alter them to incorporate into our culture and environment.

    This course will teach you all that and more. This will be a course that will refine your through process. Build your character as an Entrepreneur. Teach you skills. Show you how to rightly make your idea and much much more including raising funds for your business or expansion.

    Who Is This Course For?

    • Anyone who wants to start a business.
    • Anyone who wants to work as a freelancer in business.
    • Anyone who wants to maintain and manage his business successfully.
    • Anyone who wants to accomplish their business goals.
    • Module 1: The Entrepreneur
    • Module 2: The Business
    • Module 3: The Idea
    • Module 4: The Character
    • Module 05: The Business Plan
    • Module 06 : The Marketing Plan
    • Module 07: Entrepreneurship and Spirituality
    • Module 08: Do's and Dont's of Entrepreneur
    • Module 09: Lean Management
    • Module 10: Raising funds for startups
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Rs. 6999 Rs. 25000

This Course Includes

10 Hours
50 Lectures
140 Students
10 Sections