Emotional Intelligence

A short comprehensive course that covers all basis of emotional intelligence.

  • This course is aimed towards helping you build your emotional intelligence for both your personal and professional environment. Whether it be fixing relationships at home, staying motivated at work or dealing with the highs and lows of student life, this course will guide you on how to start recognizing the prerequisites to your personal happiness and how you can truly achieve it.

    1 hours of recorded videos.

    What you will learn in this course?

    • How to develop yourself and grow as a person
    • Developing empathy and self awareness
    • How to develop and maintain meaningful relationships
    • Applying Emotional Intelligence as an entrepreneur
    • Developing social skills in student life
    • Developing social skills in the work place

    Requirements for this course

    • Basic understanding of English is required
    • A drive for self-improvement always helps!

    What you will learn in this course

    This course covers 5 basic areas that form the foundation of developing emotional intelligence for all spheres of life: relationship management, social skills, leadership skills, communication skills and developing self esteem.

    Who is this course for?

    1. Anyone can benefit from this course regardless of gender or age
    2. People who want to better themselves and improve the lives of those around them
    3. People who struggle with controlling their emotions and maintaining a positive attitude
    4. People who want to improve their social skills
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Rs. 2500 Rs. 4999

This Course Includes

1 Hours
7 Lectures
96 Students
6 Sections