Complete Guide to Content Writing

Content Marketing Tools and Hacks, Professional Content Writing, Marketing and Design – All in one course!


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  • This course offers a comprehensive guide for writing content, learning to market it as well as essential tips and tricks for new-age writing techniques.

    6 hours of recorded videos

    What you will learn in this Course

    • Basic rules of content writing.
    • How to develop your own style of writing.
    • How to avoid plagiarism.
    • Difference between Freelance and Fulltime Writing.
    • Types of content writing.
    • How to do effective research.
    • How to make your writing marketable and sellable.
    • Writing effectively.
    • Search Engine Optimization for Content Writing.
    • Using Google Analytics and Alexa Ratings.
    • How to edit and proofread.
    • How to negotiate with clients.
    • Identifying Target Audience.
    • How to make content writing a career.
    • How to handle feedback.
    • How to use visuals and infographics in writing.
    • How to get over writer’s block.

    Requirements for this Course

    • Proficiency in the English language
    • A stable internet connection
    • Basic knowledge of using Microsoft Word or similar writing software
    • The desire to write


    This course will not only help you learn ways to improve your writing style, grammar and technique, but also highlight tools you can use to make your work internet-ready. Going over essentials like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Bidding, Structuring and more, we hope to give you the required skills to launch your own content writing career. You will learn pre-writing skills including researching and keyword planning. There’s a section on content management skills including how to avoid plagiarism and the use of infographics as well as a section for content enhancing skills including editing, proofreading and handling feedback.

    What Makes This Course Special?

    eCademy offers a comprehensive set of skills that are essential for not only a novice content writer, but one that is looking to enhance their writing skills. Easy to understand and absorb, our instructor uses real world examples and personal experiences to explain complex concepts. Her advice comes from practical knowledge of writing, marketing and selling content both online and offline. Our course will not only cover basics, but include lectures on how to set schedules, get past writer’s block, convincing clients, conduction effective research and much more – all in a fun and easy way!

    Who is this course for?

    • Anyone who wants to monetize their writing
    • Anyone who wants to work from home as a writer
    • Anyone who wants to market their writing through digital media
    • Anyone who wants to develop writing as a career
    • Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 2: Many Faces of Writing
    • Module 3: The Meat of Writing
    • Module 4: Get Paid
    • Module 5: Advice
    • Module 6: Fictional Writing
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This Course Includes

6 Hours
75 Lectures
140 Students
6 Sections