Become a Digital Marketing Whiz

A comprehensive course taught by a fully established Digital Marketer based in Pakistan.


Zohaib Hassan is a Digital marketing Trainer at Punjab read more...

  • This course is one of the most comprehensive and complete courses in digital marketing teaching you everything you need to know to become a successful digital marketer. You will learn digital marketing for your own business as well as affiliate marketing to earn money online. No prior experience is required.

    12 hours of recorded videos.

    What You Will Learn In This Course

    • Complete expertise in digital marketing
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Marketing
    • Working with Google AdSense
    • Building a monetized blog
    • Complete guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Learn about Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead
    • Learn how to create an online store
    • Learn how to monetize your website
    • Learn how to improve your ranking in search engines
    • Learn how to set up your blog
    • Learn about affiliate marketing
    • Learn how to advertise on Facebook
    • Learn what works best with Facebook marketing
    • Learn how to set up your Facebook page
    • Learn how to manage Facebook Page performance
    • Learn how to attract more audience to your Facebook page
    • Learn how to manage audience engagement
    • Learn how to manage and increase traffic for your Facebook page
    • Learn about using Facebook Business and Facebook Pixel
    • Learn how to set up a Google Ad Campaign
    • Learn how to set up Google Ads
    • Learn how to evaluate campaign performance
    • Learn how to be an influencer on Instagram
    • Learn how to get free and paid followers
    • Learn how to manage between organic and inorganic traffic
    • Learn how to set up your LinkedIn Profile
    • Learn how to set up a LinkedIn community page
    • Learn how to conduct prospect hunting on LinkedIn
    • Learn how to choose a platform for your blog
    • Learn how to completely set up your blog
    • Learn how to apply Search Engine Optimization
    • Learn about on-page SEO
    • Learn about off-page SEO
    • Learn about online SEO tools
    • Learn how to build a complete E-commerce Website
    • Learn how to set up website plug-ins
    • Learn about managing invoice and orders
    • Learn how to monetize textual content
    • Learn how to monetize and manage content on YouTube

    Requirements for this course

    • This course is designed for a novice to an intermediate.
    • Basic understanding of English and Urdu.
    • A stable Internet connection.
    • A desire for flexible working hours.
    • Familiarity with using social media will also help a lot.


    Become a Digital Marketing Whiz is your complete guide to having all the expertise and knowledge to start your digital marketing career. This course includes 12 hours of recorded videos that will teach you all you need to know about marketing through online digital media. In addition, this course also provides applications of the marketing skills that you learn guiding you on how to earn as a freelancer and self-made marketer. Digital marketing is the go-to profession for earning online and this course serves as the starting roots for Digital Marketers in Pakistan for years to come.

    What makes this course special?

    This course is your complete guide to learning everything about digital marketing. We will teach you the latest trends in digital marketing and equip you on how to use the best platforms for marketing your products. We will also teach you how to set yourself up for affiliate marketing and apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that you can earn money by marketing for other companies. This is what makes digital marketing one of the best skills to learn for freelancing. No prior experience is needed and we will take you from being a complete novice to a professional digital marketer. It takes time and effort to learn the skillset of digital marketing, but this course will serve to guide those efforts so that one day your marketing campaigns earn you money even when you sleep.

    Who is this course for?

    1. Anyone who wants to earn money online
    2. Anyone who wants to work from home
    3. Anyone who wants to market their product through digital media
    4. Anyone who wants to get a job at a digital media company
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Google Ads
    • Instagram Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Blogging for Money
    • Ranking In Search Engines
    • Creating E Store
    • Content Monetization
    • Email Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
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Rs. 3999 Rs. 18000

This Course Includes

12 Hours
93 Lectures
231 Students
10 Sections