About us

eCademy, the first educational platform where students from across Pakistan will be able to join and learn subjects that cover Finance, Business, Future Tech and Life Skills. The biggest problem that Pakistan faces is not that students don’t want to learn, but those who want to learn and those who want to teach are long physical distances apart.

Those who want to learn are located in every corner of Pakistan, while most of the best teachers are concentrated in big cities or the most successful professionals are located overseas. These highly experienced professionals and teachers alike, want to share their knowledge and wisdom with the youth of the country. However, until now, there was no platform that was bridging this gap.

We have spent more than a year coming up with a solution to this problem. A diverse team of highly skilled individuals from the field of software development, machine learning and Artificial intelligence have combined their forces with highly accomplished team of Business developers to create the most up to date Learning Management System (LMS), capable of simultaneously handling millions of students, thousands of instructors and an unlimited number of courses.

During the same time when the software team was developing in-house capabilities, the business development team carried out the long and hard task of identifying, contacting and persuading the best professionals of their fields to develop courses and guide the youth of the country.

Our dedicated team here at eCademy strives to create knowledge, while our platform allows us to share it. The aim is to remove the barrier of physical distance using the immense power of the internet.